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Aranaeum is a one-man freelance web design agency run by Alan Riggs. My focus is web design and development for small and medium enterprises accross the UK. All my websites are bespoke and hand-crafted, designed to open, established industry standards.

I have over twelve years' experience of web design and development; I established Aranaeum when I began practicing web design professionally. I specialise in web design for small and medium businesses, organisations and schools. Some of my customers have been freelance workers, sole traders, medium enterprises and local schools.

Plain English, please

I make websites. Everything is designed to suit you and your business. Prices are reasonable. Timescales are good. And I will avoid any confusing jargon or technobabble — unless you don't want me to.

I speak Geek

I'm a proponent of semantic, open-web technologies, and all the websites I create reflect this. I work to open, established web standards (primarily W3C and WHATWG), ensuring websites function across all modern browsers (and some less modern ones). Where possible I use web technologies which are supported in most current browsers, but in some cases I will make use of the latest cutting-edge technologies and either polyfil and shim functionality or design in graceful degradation.

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If you're interested in what you see, or you have any questions, get in touch with me. I don't bite, and I am always happy to have an informal chat and discuss what I could do for you. There's no pressure, and no certainly obligation.

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